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Fine Tuning Using Your Ears

Digital tuners are great, but it's important to use your ears to make sure the tuning of the notes actually SOUND good together.

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Increasing your Metronome SPEED!

Don’t try to play everything at top metronome speed today. Just try to be faster than yesterday. Here’s how we do it.

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Music Theory Ebook Bundle

Bundle The Nashville Number System and The Circle of Fifths Ebooks and save 15%!

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The Circle of Fifths Ebook by John Boulware

Understanding the Circle of Fifths and how YOU can use it to start playing better music!

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Basic Music Theory Intervals

Music theory intervals are the DNA of music. When you move from one note to the next, you're playing an interval. Read on to see what they mean and how you can use them.

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Use the Circle to Find NNS Chord Progressions

I have constructed a circle of numbers outside the circle of fifths. The numbers correspond with the scale notes, so that if C is at the top of the circle,

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How to Transpose Music From One Key to Another

Sometimes we need to transpose music from one key to another. Here's how you do it.

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Start at the end

I learned years ago, from my old piano teacher, to start at the end when learning a new piece. This fits in with your tip about practicing in sections.

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Learn rhythm first!!

When learning to read music don't try to manipulate the pitches and the rhythm at the same time. Learn the rhythm first. Single line rhythm is EASY to

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