Music Theory Chords - The Color of a Song

In music theory chords are clusters of notes played together as one sound. They give songs their color and feeling. If the melody of a song is the story, then the chords are the descriptive details that make the story come alive.

Chords are made up of certain tones from the scale that fit well with the melody. For basic triads (groups of three notes), these tones are usually the same degrees of the scale, and we use different scales to get different chords. However, we can change which tones we use to get different types of chords. Seventh chords, suspended chords, diminished chords, etc.

Major Triads

In this article, we'll discuss the most basic type of chord: the major triad. It is present in almost every song in the world and therefore is VERY important. Fortunately, it's also very easy.

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