New Features Added!

Hey there! we have a couple of new features added to Music Theory for Musicians.

Newsletter - Musicians, Not Theorists is a monthly newsletter informing you of all that is going on here. It includes updates to the site, practice tips, music theory quizzes and more, so check it out and sign up for it! Also, any back issues that you miss will be available as new ones are published.

The Blog - Updates to the site are now going to be included in a Blog format on the site along with some other quick info such as Pop Quizzes, and Quick Tips.

RSS Feed - On the Bottom left corner of each page, right under the Navigation menu is a box to subscribe to the Blog as an RSS feed. This lets you keep up to date with the site with out even having to visit all the time (but we hope you still will.)

Search!! - Search our site with this newly added feature!

Hope this helps! Practice hard and let me know if you have any questions!

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